New Horizons Community Development Corporation

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New Horizons Community Development Corporation

Founded in 2002, by Steven & Valerie Davis, the New Horizons Community Development Corporation is a tax exempt, non-political entity whose mission is to create wealth for the citizens of Cook County. Our work to build and rehabilitate residential homes is aimed at creating and retaining jobs in the county and to enhance its tax base. We can summarize our goals, aspirations and dreams with just one word: jobs.

Mission Statement

The mission of the New Horizons CDC is to enhance Cook County’s quality of residential home life through the creation and preservation of habitual housing and jobs for the residents.  NHCDC revitalizes communities from a holistic approach. Our work encourages economic development and investment, effectively provides and encourages the development of housing for persons of low and moderate income, and works with other private and public entities. 

We accomplish our mission by collaborating with city and county governments, investors and local contractors aimed at creating and retaining jobs in the county by converting vacant lots and foreclosed residential homes into habitual moderate to low income housing.

Valerie R. Davis, President

Steven D. Davis, Vice President

Our Vision

NHCDC envisions the creation of thriving self-reliant, inclusive communities in inner cities within Cook County. The organization seeks to:
▪ encourage community reinvestment
▪ encourage community business development
▪ enhance resident’s quality of life
▪ develop mixed income communities and develop a community feeling
▪ foster a commitment to volunteerism
▪ enhance public educational programming and facilities
▪ provide long term planning and support for the community
▪ encourage upward mobility of residents
▪ eliminate blight
▪ create job opportunities
▪ beautify the community

Core Values

NHCDC operates with a set of core beliefs which drive every aspect of the organization: 
▪ The inherent value of human dignity
▪ The economic sustainability of individuals and communities
▪ Self –reliance
▪ Knowledge
▪ Community